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Glossary of Basketball Term backcourt violation (1) Touching the ball in the backcourt after it has entered the frontcourt and was not last touched by the other team. (2) failure to bring the ball from the backcourt into the frontcourt within the allotted time of 8 seconds in the NBA or FIBA (previously 10) and 10 seconds in Men's NCAA.

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View full document. Glossary of Basketball Terms The following terms are a glossary of basketball terminology that will improve your understanding of the game. 1-1 - A "one-and-one" is a set of free throws that is awarded to the team who has been fouled 7,8, or 9 times in one half (NCAA rules). The free throw shooter must make the first shot in order to shoot the second shot.

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Glossary of Basketball Terms A ABA: The American Basketball Association, a professional league that existed for nine seasons, from 1967/68 through 1975/76. The league was noted for its red, white and blue ball, it's fast-paced, high-flying brand of players and its most celebrated player, Julius Ervin. ABL: The American Basketball League, a name used by

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Basketball Glossary & Basketball Terms. Jacob Abrea. Basketball Glossary & Basketball Terms Air Ball- when a shot is taken and it hits neither the backboard nor the rim. Alive - a ball is alive when it is released by a shooter or thrower, or legally tapped by a jumper during a jump ball; the game clock starts only when the ball becomes alive; compare with live.

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a width of 50 feet. Baseline and Endline are interchangeable terms depending upon which team has ball position. Baseline is used for the offensive end of the court. Endline is used for the back court or defensive end of the court. Mid Court Line The mid court line divides the court in half. Offensively, once the ball

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Golf Terms & Definitions Away – as in, “You’re away.” When you’re “away,” your ball is farthest from the hole. Typically that means that it is your turn to play. Back Nine – The last nine holes of an eighteen-hole golf course. Bag Drop – A designated area, usually near the entrance of the clubhouse,

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Glossary of Sports Slang and Idioms Used in Casual American Conversation . ace – Baseball: A team’s best starting pitcher. Also used as a verb, meaning “did very well.” Example: “I aced that test today.” ball is in one's (or another's) court – Tennis: Responsibility now belongs to the person

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250+ Basketball Terms You Must Know. -- 1, 2, 3 --. 1-2-1-1 Press - A true full-court press with many possible variations. The goal of the press is to trap the basketball immediately after it has been inbounded into play. This allows the defense a lot of time to recover if the offensive team is able to break the press.